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LoveWaves for everbody who wants to do good easily Do good twice with one click
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    Help collecting donations for globally pressing matters like ending hunger or the destruction of our planet by donating your social reach.

  • LoveWaves
    Share ideas for a better world

    Use your social reach for something meaningful and make sustainable products and ideas for the common good better known.

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    Lift a finger and do good

    Join a global movement that helps to collect donations for globally pressing matters and makes sustainable solutions better known.

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LoveWaves for sustainable products and services Do good instead of just advertising
  • LoveWaves
    Do good instead of just advertising

    Donate a part of your ad budget to tackle worldwide pressing matters and help the poor and the environment.

  • LoveWaves
    Use the power of the crowd

    Use word-of-mouth - the best way to advertise – even more efficiently in the social networks of your supporters.

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    Use ads that feel and do good

    Use a convincing form of advertising that does only good. That way, who needs an adblocker?

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Social organisations Viel hilft viel - macht mit!
Social organisations More is better - join us!

“Lovewav.es is a fantastic idea and we are happy and thankful to be one of the selected charity partners – receiving donations has been made easier than ever before.”
Gerd Schmidt, WWF, Berlin

How it works
Businesses donate to a good cause if you donate your social reach

On LoveWaves businesses with a focus on sustainability donate a part of their ad budget to a good cause, if a certain number of people in social networks have been reached by a LoveWaves campaign.

How to start a LoveWave
1 To start a LoveWave campaign, they define:
  •  Their work ethics
  •  Team image
  •  Donation sum
  •  Charity
  •  Target reach
  •  Time frame
2People donate

their reach into their social networks

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The business or project shares the LoveWaves campaign in their social networks, in their newsletter and on our website. To support it, click the "Make a LoveWave" button, register at LoveWaves and connect one or several of your social networks with LoveWaves. That way we can count and add the recipients, your friends and followers, to the LoveWaves campaign. We store your personal data safely and won't give them to third parties. Then the campaign photo will be shared into your connected networks and you've done a LoveWave!

3If the camapign is successful

the donation will be paid to the charity

Donation amount: 8.000 Euro
Payment goal: Success!
237% reached!

If the necessary amount of people have been reached, we let the business and all supporters know and we'll all be happy to have helped to do good! If the campaign was successful the business pays their defined budget directly and to a 100% to the charity. LoveWaves gets 10% of that sum on top as a fee to maintain and improve the platform.

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