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Our Vision

Wir möchten DIE ethische Werbelösung für die Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie werden. We have a dream: through ethical crowd-promotion, advertising gets a deeper purpose and quickly helps the world to become a better place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness, sustainability and trust. We believe that economic, political and social systems based on these values can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces, and empower everyone to give them the publicity and support they need to thrive.

Just look at the numbers

In 2017, a staggering 600 billion USD (!) are spent for advertising worldwide. We want to achieve that until 2020, 1% of this amount are invested in ethical crowd-promotion projects that donate to a good cause.

With only 1%, 6 billion USD, we could, for example

Plant trees

for Euro via Plant for the planet.

Sponsor 12.000.000 kids

for one year to ensure them a healthy life for 4 billion Euro via Plan.de

Make sure that nobody on Earth dies of hunger anymore

Currently, around 12.000.000 people die of hunger every year.

Buy 8.333.333 acres of rainforest to save our climate, nature and wildlife

for 1 billion Euro, this is almost exactly the size of the yearly destroyed rainforest in Africa!

Why we are good

We have a dream: we believe we can achieve a better world acting together. We believe we can use our social networks for something good. We believe sharing together across social networks is the best way to spread the word about new solutions and better alternatives. We believe ethical crowd-promotion with donations for a good cause from the businesses is the best way to speed up change towards a greener, healthier and fairer world.

Change for us means that more people
  • share and buy these products / services
  • take part in and support these projects personally
  • start similar projects where they live
  • change their jobs to start working for companies with good products and values
Why we see change happening

Millions of people are already involved in green, ethical and social projects, as creator, participator or consumer. Now is the time to connect, become conscious of our powers and combine them to speak up to support each other and inspire those around us.

LoveWaves is all about spreading the word, about a new spirit of global collaboration and mutual support. It’s about building meaningful connected lives, thriving local communities and a better world for us all.

Why we can be good

Because we found a way to combine activities related to sharing, social networking, activism and advertising in a better way.

We think supporting solutions for a sustainable economy needs to be collaborative, trustworthy and simple so that everyone can participate and benefit. Our platform makes this easy. It even allows businesses to donate to a good cause or their supporters directly as a thank you for the support they have given.

Das Ziel von Lovewaves ist es, ein Katalysator, ein Verstärker für den Wandel hin zu einer nachhaltigen Wirtschaft zu sein. Das geht am besten mit Mundpropaganda und konzertierten gemeinsamen Aktionen, die nachhaltig wirksam sind.

Daher ist eine Plattform wie Lovewaves sinnvoll, die die qualitative Vorauswahl, inhaltliche Aufbereitung, kollektive Aktion, die Simultan-Teilen-Technologie und die Wiederauffindbarkeit ermöglicht.

How we finance ourselves

Every for-profit project pays 99 Euros Set Up Fee and 10 % Success Fee deducted from the donation budget.

Who we are

We think social networks and clicktivism as a immensely powerful tools for everybody to accelerate positive change. We are 7 billion people – can you imagine how optimistic we are?

"Why is it so hard for us (people) to scale up? Everything speeds up, except our resistance. We live under a real-time media regime. We can communicate instantaneously with everyone around the globe, for almost no cost. Memes spread at the speed of light. Why can’t social movements emerge in a similar fashion? This is the demand ‘accelerationism’ makes, and I fully support it. When will intellectuals, artists and politicians with a thorough technical expertise finally take centre stage?”Geert Lovink
What we offer you

Lovewav.es - a collaborative technology platform and social movement for ethical advertising. Our goal is to empower people everywhere to start awareness campaigns around the sustainable solutions they care about. These donate money to a good cause in return.

This way, we drive positive change. We inspire people worldwide to adopt, demand and create better solutions for people and planet.

We are creating a completely new way for consumers and businesses to engage and make an impact on the economy of the future which started today.

We are working for a world where no one is powerless, and where creating positive change is a part of everyday life. We’re just getting started, and we hope you’ll join us.

Our origins

We are hippies, idealists, happiness activists & accelerationists. We are two brothers, internet and advertising experts, in our fourties. We stopped working many years ago in normal jobs because it didn’t feel right anymore – we wanted to spend our time in a better way, doing jobs with a purpose, following our passions and talents, giving a deeper meaning to our lives.

We embarked on a very long almost spiritual journey, never with enough money on our hands, but with enough belief and patience, researching potential ways how we could help to change the world to the better, with our knowledge, talent and expertise. With minimal effort, and maximal effect – cause we are Germans ;).